By opening a share account, you become a member/owner in our special financial institution. We pride ourselves on our member service, we will learn your name and do our best to pay the highest dividends, and charge the lowest fees and loan rates.

Keep an active account and you will always be a valued member even if you move, retire or change jobs. You have complete access to your funds whether you withdraw in person or use your Visa Debit/ATM card for 24-hour availability worldwide. Your share account even earns dividends, which are compounded and paid quarterly.

Share Draft (Checking) Account


The share draft account provides a convenient way to withdraw funds from your account or pay those pesky bills. There is no per draft charge,and only a nominal $3.00 monthly fee if the account balance dips below $500.00.

Special Account


If you need some help saving money, why not try the Special account. While you can withdraw funds in the office, this account is not accessible with your Visa Debit/ATM card. You won't be able to do any frivolous spending here! Besides earning dividends which are posted and compounded quarterly, there are no fees associated with the Special account.

Share Certificates


You can use your shares to earn the really big bucks by purchasing a certificate of deposit. When you lock your $1000.00 minimum deposit in for a term of 1 year, you get the best return of all. The dividends are posted and compounded quarterly.

Rates are subject to change without notice.

Individual Retirement Accounts(IRA)


Wouldn't it be great to have golden, olden years?

Let us help you meet that goal by opening up a Traditional or Roth IRA account. Dividends are compounded and posted quarterly and our rates are very competitive.

You might want to also set up an Education "IRA" to save funds for college tuition expenses of your children or grandchildren.

Holiday Club Account


Use this holiday account to stockpile funds for that holiday shopping. While this account also receives and compounds dividends quarterly, the dividends earned during the last quarter of the year are paid at the end of November.

What could be better than more time and more money to shop?

To find an ATM or Shared Branch location near you, visit or call 1-888-SITE-CO-OP (1-888-748-3266)