ADEFCU Fee Schedule

Fees in Red take effect 12/20/18

Type Cost
Overdraft (Check, ACH, or ATM) 20.00
Overdraft Transfer (Over 1 per/month) 5.00 each
Share Draft/ACH Stop Pay 20.00
Share Draft Acct Printout Costs 3.00
Share Draft Acct w/balance Dropping Below $500 3.00
Direct Deposit Info & Set Up no charge
Bill Pay Fee (per month/no charge 3 bills per month) 4.95
Statement Copies 3.00
Certified Copy of Paid Draft 3.00
Dormant Account 5.00 per month
Bad Address Fee 5.00 per month
Debit/ATM Card Replacement Fee (lost card) 5.00
CU Check Payable to 2nd Party First one free 2.00
Research Acct (Waived if CU error) 20.00 an hour
Notary Service (no Charge to Members) 5.00
Wire Fee (Domestic) 20.00
Wire Fee (Foreign) 65.00
Credit Reports 30.00
Real Estate Closing Costs actual cost
Title & Lien Fees actual cost
Late Charges on Loans 20% of interest due when loan is delinquent for a period of 15 days or more (minimum $.05)
Recreational Property Loans 3rd party fees
Paper Statement Fee 3.00 free if you were born before 1/1/1950
Real Estate Origination Fee 750.00 or 1%; whichever is greater

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