We are happy to offer the following services:

Wire Transfers


We are able to send and receive wire transfers with other financial institutions. Call us and we will give you wiring instructions.

Automated Clearing House Transactions (ACH or electronic transactions)


We are able to receive all types of electronic transactions including utility payments, payroll deposits and tax refunds. Just give us a call and we will help you get set up.

Notary Services


If you need to have your signature notarized, drop by the office and our staff will provide that service. Best of all, it's free!

Visa Check Cards (Debit Cards)


All you need is a checking account to use your debit card anywhere that Visa Cards are accepted.

Bill Pay Service


If you are tired of writing checks for your bills, sign up for CorpsPay and pay all your bills online. Once you get your accounts set up, you will be amazed at how easy CorpsPay is to use.

Online "Banking"


Sign up for Flexteller, our internet banking program, and access our account any time. You can transfer funds, check for deposits, balance your checking account. You could even transfer funds between accounts, if you have more than one.



When you enroll in Flexteller, you can also sign up for e-statements. Save a tree and let us send you your statement via email.

Mobile App


Download our free mobile app through the Apple iTunes store or the Google Play store. Transfer funds, check for deposits, balance your checking account, etc. all from your mobile device.
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